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The Meta Morph Award celebrates the transformation and evolution of art in the digital age, recognizing the innovative and boundary-pushing works created at the intersection of technology and creativity. Our mission is to champion the metamorphs of the art world, those artists and works that have undergone a process of change and growth, adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of modern art.


By promoting the renaissance of digital and AI art, we strive to inspire new generations of artists to explore and experiment with the limitless possibilities of these mediums, pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible in the world of art.


You can enter through our submission button, we use Zealous as our form of submission taking. Also, some fil makers may wish to submit through Film Freeway. Both cost the same amount. 





  1. Artwork Description: Write about your artistic concept, ideas, or influences in no more than 250 words. Ensure your description is clear and engaging.

  2. Artwork Technical Description: List the hardware and software used for the creation of the artwork. Please include anything you originally coded or designed. Also, specify the physical dimensions if applicable.

  3. Artist Biography: Your biography should best represent you as an artist, detailing your journey, inspiration, and your unique approach towards your art.

  4. Categories: When Submitting each piece of work you will be able to select up to three categories for the work to be considered under.

These include: AI, 3D Sculpture, Pixel Art, Montage, Retouching, Collage, VFX, NFT, Data Moshing, Fractal Art, Digital Photography, Mixed Media, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Algorithmic/Generative Art, Collaborative, Digital Fashion



  1. The submission form must be completed FIRST for a single piece of work, once you have given the information on this piece the submission fee is issued. Kindly be aware that submitting a single piece is priced at £9, while submitting five pieces is £30 (This is the Early Bird fee, until July 1st 2023). If you choose to upload multiple works please NOTE that once you have paid the £30 you will be taken back to your dashboard and be able to submit 4 more pieces, and the process will be much quicker then the first time.



  1. Primary Image/Video: Submit image(s) or video(s) that best captures the essence of your work.

  2. Video Hosting: Please host your videos on YouTube or Vimeo, or please provide a link to the metadata.



  1. Art Eligibility: All forms of art are eligible as long as they involve technology. If you're uncertain which category your work fits into, refer to our category descriptions or email for clarification.

  2. Equipment and Software: There are no limitations on the equipment or software that artists may use in creating their pieces.



  1. The Meta Morph Award is adjudicated in two stages. The first is long listing by our International Selectors Committee. This is followed by a review from our Jury Panel who select the finalists and category winners.

  2. Top Prize Judges: The Jury Panel responsible for the final selection of the winners is made up of digital art curators and critics, prominent artists in the digital art community, tech industry leaders and innovators, representatives from major art institutions, art collectors and patrons, academics, researchers, and representatives from media and publishing companies focused on digital art and culture.


The judges will be announced over the coming weeks.


  1. Originality: Artwork submitted must be original and created by the artist or artists submitting.

  2. Copyright: Artists retain all copyright to their works, but by submitting, artists agree to have their work displayed on the Meta Morph Award website, exhibitions, and social media.

  3. Entry Fee: Please note that there is an entry fee to make this award happen! These change dependent on whether work is submitted in the early, normal or final time period as we near the upcoming award ceremony.


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